ArmChemFront 2018
Frontiers in Chemistry
21-25 October 2018
Frontiers in Chemistry


Invited lectures

Abiological self-assembly: predesigned metallacycles and metallacages via coordination

ACF2018 P02    (PDF)

P. Stang

Porphyrin nanorings: synthesis and cooperative phenomena

ACF2018 P03    (PDF)

H. Anderson

Supramolecular polymerizations - chirality as a muse

ACF2018 P04    (PDF)

E. W. Meijer

Information on reactivity from NMR? An approach combining solid state NMR and quantum calculations

ACF2018 P05    (PDF)

O. Eisenstein

New self-healable materials by supramolecular chemistry

ACF2018 P07    (PDF)

T. Aida

Catalysts live & up close

ACF2018 P08    (PDF)

B. Weckhuysen

Developing data-driven physical organic analysis tools for reaction optimization and interrogation

ACF2018 P09    (PDF)

M. Sigman

Control and amplification of chirality in dynamic molecular systems

ACF2018 P10    (PDF)

B. L. Feringa

Removable tether strategy for C-H functionalizations

ACF2018 I01    (PDF)

V. Gevorgyan

Building and overcoming walls

ACF2018 I02    (PDF)

S. Hecht

How do NHC ligands interact with metal complexes in solution? Efficient catalysis provided by dynamic metal-ligand framework

ACF2018 I03    (PDF)

V. Ananikov

The power of chemoselectivity: functional protein conjugates for extra- and intracellular targeting

ACF2018 I05    (PDF)

C. Hackenberger

Photon-driven organic synthesis

ACF2018 I06    (PDF)

M. Murakami

Nickel catalysis for C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming reactions

ACF2018 I07    (PDF)

M. Rueping

Nature-inspired polymer synthesis

ACF2018 I08    (PDF)

T. Weil

Stereoselective functionalization of unsaturated hydrocarbons

ACF2018 I09    (PDF)

U. Tambar

Assembling Nanoparticles using External Stimuli

ACF2018 I10    (PDF)

R. Klajn

Towards a paradigm shift in main group polar organometallic chemistry

ACF2018 I11    (PDF)

E. Hevia

Catalysis as a tool to control soft matter behavior

ACF2018 I12    (PDF)

R. Eelkema