ArmChemFront 2018
Frontiers in Chemistry
21-25 October 2018
Frontiers in Chemistry


Contributed lectures

Ionic liquid tags as a tool for investigating drugs at the single-cell level

ACF2018 C01    (PDF)

K. Egorova

Mechanochemistry: new opportunities in main group synthesis

ACF2018 C02    (PDF)

F. Garcia

Reverse biomimetics: teaching enzymes the art of modern organic synthesis

ACF2018 C03    (PDF)

J. Deska

Template assisted formation of ultrasmall bimetallic nanoparticles with precise number of atoms using M12L24 nanospheres

ACF2018 C04    (PDF)

E. Bobylev

Ligand-accelerated C-H functionalization reactions

ACF2018 C05    (PDF)

M. A. Fernández-Ibáñez:

Patterning graphite for spatiotemporally-controlled translation of unidirectional motors

ACF2018 C06    (PDF)

J. A. Berrocal

Photocatalytic reduction of redox-demanding compounds in microheterogenous solutions

ACF2018 C07    (PDF)

M. Giedyk

Photo-actuated communicating devices

ACF2018 C08    (PDF)

G. Vantomme

Why knot? A synthetic strategy to access molecular knots and links

ACF2018 C09    (PDF)

F. Cougnon

Catalytic enantioselective reformatsky reaction with cyclic imines

ACF2018 C10    (PDF)

C. Vila

Cross-linked collagen triple helices by oxime ligation

ACF2018 C11    (PDF)

N. Hentzen

Highly regio and enantioselective synthesis of functionalized piperidine derivatives triggered by Heck coupling of monocyclopropanated pyrroles

ACF2018 C12    (PDF)

J. Yedoyan

A synthetic molecular wireframe enables protein refolding

ACF2018 C13    (PDF)

D. Fujita

Turning photons into drugs: advanced photoactive compounds and interfaces in the resistance era

ACF2018 C14    (PDF)

A. Galstyan

Strategy for selective reductive addition

ACF2018 C15    (PDF)

D. Chusov

Long-range energy transport in single supramolecular nanofibers at room temperature

ACF2018 C16    (PDF)

H.-W. Schmidt

Covalent post-assembly modification of tetrazine-edged self-assembled molecular capsules

ACF2018 C17    (PDF)

B. Pilgrim

Directed C–H functionalization of bridged cycloalkanes

ACF2018 C18    (PDF)

R. Hrdina

Application of silicon-containing reducing reagents in organic synthesis

ACF2018 C19    (PDF)

V. Iaroshenko

Synthesis and Applications of Metal-Organic Knots

ACF2018 C20    (PDF)

A. Trabolsi

Kinetic pathways for the formation of a pseudorotaxane nanosphere

ACF2018 C21    (PDF)

T. Bouwens

Preparation and characterization of species with molecular formula RPE2: the monomeric forms of Lawesson’s and Woollins’ reagents

ACF2018 C22    (PDF)

A. Mardyukov

Adventures with S,N-heterocycles

ACF2018 C23    (PDF)

M. Koyioni

"Chiral-at-metal" inert octahedral Co(III) complexes as "organocatalysts in disguise" for asymmetric transformations

ACF2018 C24    (PDF)

V. Larionov

Structural parameters determined by supramolecular interactions in dynamic libraries

ACF2018 C25    (PDF)

F. Ulatowski

Chirality and photoswitching in DNA-templated supramolecular assemblies

ACF2018 C26    (PDF)

M. Surin

Non-innocent role of the CNHC ligand on the isomerization of cationic [Ir(CNHC)(CH3CN)2(PR3)]+ complex: A DFT Approach

ACF2018 C27    (PDF)

A. Poblador Bahamonde

Our use of CO surrogates in carbonylations

ACF2018 C28    (PDF)

R. Jackstell

Supramolecular assembly by computational microscopy and spectroscopy

ACF2018 C29    (PDF)

P. Frederix

Towards the total synthesis of crenarchaeol

ACF2018 C30    (PDF)

M. Holzheimer

Photoresponsive ditopic receptor for dynamic binding of ion pairs

ACF2018 C31    (PDF)

K. Dabrowa

Cu-catalyzed direct enantioselective conjugate addition of Grignards to α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids

ACF2018 C32    (PDF)

X. Yan

Using molecular switching to achieve super-resolution microscopy

ACF2018 C33    (PDF)

A. Vargas Jentzsch

A ligand guided stereodivergent alkyne reduction using water as the hydrogen source

ACF2018 C34    (PDF)

S. Rao

Asymmetric synthesis of new enantiomerically enriched α-amino acids

ACF2018 C35    (PDF)

A. Mkrtchyan

μ-Oxo hypervalent iodine catalyst for oxidative coupling of N-H substrates to various aromatics

ACF2018 C36    (PDF)

T. Dohi