Conference abstracts

On this page the abstracts are published of all invited (Plenary and Keynote) lectures, contributed lectures, and posters presented at Frontiers in Chemistry, Armenia 2013. In the author list the presenting author is underlined.

Poster presentations

BIMBOL as a multifunctional chiral catalyst in synthesis of both enantiomers of glutamic acid

ACF2013 PS017    (PDF)

K.V. Hakobyan, A.S. Saghyan, Yu.N. Belokon, V.I. Maleev, Z.T. Gugkaeva, Y.V. Samoilichenko, M.A. Moskalenko, A.V. Hakobyan

New General Synthesis of Substituted Imidazoles

ACF2013 PS046    (PDF)

Anahit Pews-Davtyan, Matthias Beller

Tackling the catalytic, enantioselective 1,2-addition of Grignard reagents to ketimines

ACF2013 PS051    (PDF)

Alaric Desmarchelier, Syuzanna R. Harutyunyan

Synthesis of new chiral ferrocenyl diphosphine ligands for application in catalytic asymmetric 1,2-addition of organometallics to ketones

ACF2013 PS052    (PDF)

Rik Oost, Syuzanna R. Harutyunyan

Asymmetric Amplification due to Differences in Phase Behaviour of Cu-Diphosphine Based Chiral Complexes

ACF2013 PS054A    (PDF)

Francesca Caprioli, Ashoka V. R. Madduri, Martin Lutz, Adriaan J. Minnaard, Syuzanna R. Harutyunyan

Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of chiral tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives

ACF2013 PS054B    (PDF)

Francesca Caprioli, Syuzanna R. Harutyunyan

Design and development of proline-based autocatalytic system

ACF2013 PS056    (PDF)

Antonio Rizzo, Syuzanna R. Harutyunyan

Solvent-free synthesis of chromene derivatives via three-component reactions of N-heterocycles

ACF2013 PS057    (PDF)

Faramarz Rostami-Charati, Zinatossadat Hossaini

Surface Imprinting Approach for the Design of Virus Recognition Nanoparticles

ACF2013 PS059    (PDF)

Alessandro Cumbo Bernard Lorber, F.-X. Corvini Philippe, Wolfgang Meier, Patrick Shahgaldian

In situ Catalytic Generation of Allyl Copper Species and its Direct Use for Asymmetric Allylation

ACF2013 PS064    (PDF)

Yohei Shimizu, Prasanna Kumara Chikkade, Junya Kawai, Motomu Kanai

Chiral Polyols as Catalysts of Asymmetric C-C Bond Formation Reactions

ACF2013 PS065    (PDF)

Y.V. Samoilichenko, Z.T. Gugkaeva, V.I. Maleev, M.A. Moskalenko, A.T. Tsaloev, V.N. Khrustalev, K.V. Hakobyan, A.S. Peregudov, A.S. Saghyan, Y.N. Belokon

Novel amphiphilic compounds for construction of stimulus-sensitive liposomal containers

ACF2013 PS092    (PDF)

P.N. Veremeeva, V.L. Lapteva, V. A. Palyulin, I.V. Grishina, A. A. Yaroslavov, N. S. Zefirov

Quantitative monitoring of biphasic reactions using flow systems by Raman spectroscopy

ACF2013 PS093    (PDF)

D. Angelone, S. Abdolahzadeh, A. Varagnat, A.C. Dennis, J. W. de Boer, W. R. Browne

In Silico Design of New Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Inhibitors

ACF2013 PS096A    (PDF)

D. Mohammad-Aghaie, Z. Jafari

Computer Design of Novel Alkylating-agents as Anti-Cancer Drugs

ACF2013 PS096B    (PDF)

D. Mohammad-Aghaie, M. N. Soltani Rad, M. Halvani

Isobutyl- and Aryloxyisobutylaluminoxanes as Activators for Zirconocene-based Catalytic Systems in Olefin Polymerization

ACF2013 PS098    (PDF)

E.E. Faingol'd, O.N. Babkina, S.L. Saratovskikh, A.N. Panin, N.M. Bravaya, E.A. Fushman

Membranotropic and Relaxation Properties of New Water Solubl Endometallofullerens

ACF2013 PS101    (PDF)

I.I. Faingold, D.A. Poletaeva, A.I. Kotelnikov, R.A. Kotelnikova, A.B. Kornev, P.A. Troshin, I.E. Careev, V.P. Bubnov, V.S. Romanova

Room temperature oxidation of alcohols and alkanes to ketones with H2O2 an in situ prepared catalyst

ACF2013 PS103    (PDF)

Francesco Mecozzi, Jia Jia Dong, Pattama Saisaha, Duenpen Unjareon, Emma C. Harvey, Dirk Pijper, Paul L. Alsters, Ruben P. van Summeren, Johannes W. de Boer, Ronald Hage, Ben L. Feringa, Wesley R. Browne

Anion templated dynamic combinatorial libraries based on reversible S-S bond formation

ACF2013 PS104    (PDF)

Filip Ulatowski, Janusz Jurczak

Development of Non-Hydrolysable Analogs of Phosphoinositol Polyphosphates

ACF2013 PS105    (PDF)

Igor Pavlović, Henning Jessen

Off-line reaction monitoring of the oxidation of alkenes in water at low concentrations using drop coating deposition Raman Spectroscopy

ACF2013 PS110    (PDF)

Shaghayegh Abdolahzadeh, Nicola M. Boyle, Apparao Draksharapu, Andrew C. Dennis, Ronald Hage, Johannes W. de Boer, Wesley R. Browne

Synthesis of cluster anion [B12H12]2— derivatives with B-OH reaction site for the subsequent modification in developing BNCT preparations

ACF2013 PS111    (PDF)

A. I. Ogarkov, A. S. Chernyavskiy, S. G. Sakharov, K. A. Solntsev

Vanadium-group metal nitrides ceramic materials prepared by oxidative constructing

ACF2013 PS112    (PDF)

A. V. Shokod'ko, A. A. Ashmarin, A. S. Chernyavskiy, K. A. Solntsev

Chemistry of α-Iminonitriles: Amidation of Aldehydes and Alcohols and Three-component Strecker Thio-Michael Addition Hydrolysis to Access β-Mercaptoamides

ACF2013 PS115    (PDF)

Jean-Baptiste Gualtierotti, Xavier Schumacher, Patrice Fontaine, Géraldine Masson, Qian Wang, Jieping Zhu

Flow Assisted Synthesis of 2-Substituted-Indoles Employing Ceria Supported Mixed Metal Oxides

ACF2013 PS116    (PDF)

Benjamin N. Bhawal, Claudio Battilocchio, Steven V. Ley

Synthesis of Phosphoanhydrides by Selective Reaction of Phosphoramidites with Phosphates

ACF2013 PS118    (PDF)

Alexandre Hofer, Gregor S. Cremosnik, Henning J. Jessen

Static combinatorial chemistry: macrocyclization via high pressure duble-amidation reactions

ACF2013 PS120    (PDF)

Grzegorz Pikus, Janusz Jurczak

Simple Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries in the search for novel selective anion receptors

ACF2013 PS121    (PDF)

Agnieszka Sadowska-Kuziola, Filip Ulatowski, Janusz Jurczak

Role of solvent-ligand exchange in the reaction of iron(II) polypyridyl complexes with H2O2

ACF2013 PS122    (PDF)

Sandeep K. Padamati, D. Unjaroen, A. Draksharapu, W. R. Browne

Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of new Rac1 protein inhibitors

ACF2013 PS128    (PDF)

Alessandro Ruffoni, Francesca Clerici, Alessandro Contini, Nicola Ferri

Progress towards the Total Syntheses of Rubriflordilactones A and B

ACF2013 PS130    (PDF)

Shermin S. Goh, Birgit Gockel, Hannah Baars, Edward A. Anderson

Chiral macrocycles and molecular cages based on trans-(1R,2R)-diaminocyclohexane. Synthesis, structure and their chirooptical properties

ACF2013 PS134    (PDF)

MaƂgorzata Petryk, Agnieszka Janiak, Marcin Kwit

Application of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran as a "green solvent" in olefin metathesis reactions

ACF2013 PS142    (PDF)

Michal Smoleń, Mariusz Kedziorek, Karol Grela

Direct Catalytic Cross-Coupling of Organolithium Compounds

ACF2013 PS147    (PDF)

Massimo Giannerini, Martín Fañanás-Mastral, Ben L. Feringa

Factors affecting self-assembly of a covalent organic cage

ACF2013 PS148    (PDF)

Pawel Skowronek, Beata Warzajtis, Urszula Rychlewska, Jacek Gawroński

Synthesis and self-assembly of interdigitating amphiphiles

ACF2013 PS149    (PDF)

Peter Stacko, Derk Jan van Dijken, Marc C. A. Stuart, Ben L. Feringa

Synthesis of Optically Active β- or γ-Alkyl Substituted Alcohols through Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation with Organolithium Reagents

ACF2013 PS150    (PDF)

Sureshbabu Guduguntla, Martín Fañanás-Mastral, Ben L. Feringa

Towards breaking of coordination bonds by light-driven molecular motors

ACF2013 PS152    (PDF)

Thomas van Leeuwen, Ben L. Feringa

Pichia glucozyma: a powerful biocatalyst for enantioselective reduction of ketones

ACF2013 PS155    (PDF)

Martina Contente, Diego Romano, Francesco Molinari, Andrea Pinto, Lucia Tamborini, Paola Conti

Reactive Sulfur Species: From natural product research to applications in Medicine and Agriculture

ACF2013 PS156    (PDF)

Uma M.Viswanathan, Brigitte Czepukojc, Thomas Schneider, Torsten Burkholz, Claus Jacob, Shiraz Markarian

One-Pot Catalytic Conversion of Organosolv Lignin, Cellulose and of Woody Biomass to Liquid Fuels

ACF2013 PS157    (PDF)

Katalin Barta, Theodore D. Matson, Alexei. V. Iretskii, Peter C. Ford

Enantioselective synthesis of quaternary stereogenic centers via Copper Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation with organolithium compounds

ACF2013 PS158    (PDF)

Romina Vitale, Martín Fañanás-Mastral, Manuel Pérez, Ben L. Feringa

Self-assembly of light-harvesting crystalline nanosheets in aqueous media

ACF2013 PS160    (PDF)

Jonathan Baram, Chen Shahar, Haim Weissman, Sidney R. Cohen, Boris Rybtchinski

Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of chiral tertiary α-hydroxysilanes

ACF2013 PS163    (PDF)

Jiawei Rong, Rik Oost, Syuzanna R. Harutyunyan

Towards new photoswitchable organocatalysts

ACF2013 PS165    (PDF)

Thomas Neubauer, Ben L. Feringa

Synthesis of enantiopure (P)-[5]- and (P,P)-Bis-[5]-Helicenequinones Joined by Aryl or Ferrocenyl Linkers Via Click Chemistry

ACF2013 PS168    (PDF)

Ana M. del Hoyo, Alfonso Latorre, Antonio Urbano, M. Carmen Carreño

Asymmetric synthesis of enantiomerically enriched (S)-α-aminopropionic acids containing more than one heteroatom in the side-chain radical

ACF2013 PS170    (PDF)

A.S. Saghyan, A.S. Dadayan, S.G. Petrosyan, H.M. Simonyan, A.V. Geolchanyan, H.R. Zurnachyan, A.F. Mkrtchyan, G.M. Mkrtchyan

Deuteriated Tetraalkylstannanes and Covalent Trialkylstannyl Salts and an Examination of their Adsorption on Gold

ACF2013 PS171    (PDF)

Jan Hajduch, Anna Kohutová, Eva Kaletová, Josef Michl

Dielectric relaxation of dimethylsulfone in water-dimethylsulfoxide solutions

ACF2013 PS176    (PDF)

L.S. Gabrielyan, S.A. Markarian, H. Weingärtner

Novel potential biologically active of sulfur-containing vicinal amino alcohols: Synthesis and activity

ACF2013 PS177    (PDF)

A. S. Galstyan, E. A. Shirinyan, I. L. Bazukyan

The Study of Hemoglobin — Tannic Acid Interactions by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Method

ACF2013 PS178    (PDF)

Karine R. Grigoryan, Levon S. Sargsyan

Volumetric and transport properties of AOT/n-heptane/DMSO-water reverse micellar systems

ACF2013 PS183    (PDF)

H.R. Sargsyan, G.A. Shahinyan, S.A. Markarian

Interaction of Benz-Substituted 2-Chloro-4-Methylquinolines with 2-Mercaptoaniline

ACF2013 PS186    (PDF)

I. L. Aleksanyan, L. P. Hambardzumyan

Scientific Basis of Targeted Synthesis of Inorganic Multicomponent Systems

ACF2013 PS187    (PDF)

A. B. Niyazbekova, N. V. Akatyev, M. M. Mukasheva, N. K. Aimurzina

The new transformations of 3-substituted-1,2,4-triazoles

ACF2013 PS188    (PDF)

T. V. Ghochikyan, M. A. Samvelyan, V. S. Harutyunyan, E. V. Harutyunyan, A. E. Kotsinyan, Peter Langer

2-Propyl- and 4-Butadienyl-S-Functionally Substituted Phosphonium Salts. Unusual Behaviour of 1,4-bis(Buta-1,3-diene)Phosphonium Salts in Reaction

ACF2013 PS191    (PDF)

M. Zh. Ovakimyan, G. Ts. Gasparyan, A. S. Poghosyan, M. R. Grigoryan, A. S. Bichakhchyan

Synthesis of peptides containing (S)-2-amino-3-[4-allyl-(3-pyridine-4`-yl)- and (3-pyridine-3`-yl)-5-thioxo-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl]-propionic acids

ACF2013 PS194    (PDF)

V. T. Danghyan, T. O. Sargsyan, S. M. Jamgaryan, E. A. Gyulumyan, Yu. M. Danghyan, A. S. Saghyan

Synthesis and Anticonvulsant Activity of Amino Derivatives of Cyclopenta[4',5']Pyrimido[3',2':4,5]Thieno[3,2-d]Pyrimidines

ACF2013 PS195    (PDF)

Sh. Sh. Dashyan, E. G. Paronikyan, A. S. Noravyan, I. A. Dzhagatspanyan, I. M. Nazaryan, A. G. Akopyan

New Approach to the Syntheses of Derivatives of Natural Compound Dihydroactinidiolide

ACF2013 PS197    (PDF)

Anna Hovhannisyan, Gagik Melikyan

Helichrysum Rubicundum as a possible raw material for the "Flamin" drug

ACF2013 PS200    (PDF)

H. S. Ananikyan, V. A. Mnatsakanyan

The magnitude of the positive charge of the reaction initiator and the selectivity

ACF2013 PS201A    (PDF)

K. H. Petrosyan

Forecasts of halogen reactivity under the light of acid-base theory

ACF2013 PS201B    (PDF)

K. H. Petrosyan, N. S. Dshkhunyan

3-(Dichloroacetyl)chromone; A New Building Block for the Synthesis of Formylated Purine Isosteres

ACF2013 PS204    (PDF)

Ani Hakobyan, Peter Langer, Viktor O. Iaroshenko, Satenik Mkrtchyan, Vahuni Karapetyan, Alexander Villinger, Karine Hakobyan

The expansion of the area of application of base-catalyzed intramolecular cyclization of quaternary ammonium salts

ACF2013 PS205    (PDF)

E. O. Chukhajyan, K. G. Shahkhatuni, L. V. Ayrapetyan

Malonodinitrile - A Lonza success story

ACF2013 PS207    (PDF)

Albrecht Metzger, Anna-Christina Hormes, et al.

Polymer-mineral packing materials for RP-HPLC

ACF2013 PS208    (PDF)

S. S. Hayrapetyan, L. G. Mangasaryan, L. S. Hayrapetyan, H. G. Khachatryan

Peptides — inhibitors of collagenase

ACF2013 PS210    (PDF)

N. A. Hovhannisyan, A. S. Sargsyan, M. B. Chitchyan, M. A. Melkumyan, G. G. Oganezova, N. S. Avetisyan, A. M. Hovhannisyan, Yu. M. Danghyan